On Monday, June 27, 2011 8:07:04 PM UTC+2, Steph wrote:
> I've forwarded the error part of this to the larger git mailing list, but I 
> have some PEBKAC issues that I'd like to hash out in a smaller forum...
> The command I used is this:
> > /usr/local/git/bin/git svn clone https://[server]/svn -A svn.authorsfile 
> --stdlayout --no-metadata
> Try using the svn url as the *last* parameter. I always pass in --stdlayout 
(or just -s) first.

>From further reading, I realize that --no-metadata is probably a bad idea.

Yes, unless you are performing a final migration (not going back to 

> The repo I'm trying to copy has a number of branches, 20+ are things like 
> 3.10, 3.12.2, etc - unique numbers, but not necessarily consecutive ones. 
> There are also ~5 named ones.
Whether the branches have numbers or not as names is irrelevant. Each folder 
inside <svnurl>/branches/ will be imported as a branch.

> In any case, the error I'm getting is:
> > Found possible branch point: https://[server]/svn/trunk => 
> https://[server]/svn/branches/interface-controller-redesign, 11611
That is not an error.  That's just a normal output that occurs many times 
during a git svn clone. I think Konstantin is correct about the error 
message from the perl script. It's probably some corner case which hasn't 
been exercised before, and someone with perl/git skills will have to 
investigate. In the mean time, you should just try tweaking the way you try 
cloning for a possible workaround. For example:

* Avoid the revision which is causing the error
* Do a shallow clone with only the last 10.000 revisions (just to see if it 
works, like)
* Clone smaller parts of the project (first clone the trunk by itself, for 

> In looking at the repo from Versions (Mac SVN client), I can see that there 
> was a branch created as a copy of the trunk, at 
> /branches/interface-controller-redesign, which was deleted roughly two 
> months later when the redesign was finished and rolled back into the trunk.
As far as I know, git svn will recreate old deleted branches. You can rid 
yourself of these later, so just ignore them for now. 


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