Hi all.. I've tried to research this and although I've found some
answers, others are still missing.

Basically we have a a number of developers on Window desktops working
in .Net stuff. They are all committing locally and then pushing to a
Redmine bare repo on a Red Hat box.

All this works just fine.

Now I've been using RDP to log in to a Windows server where I cloned
the repo and have been using Git pull to get the updated content onto
the server.

Again all this works fine.

However I'd like to be able to stop using RDP and wanted to explore
how I might be able to setup an automated task in the GIT repo on
redmine that would auto push and update the repo on the server.

I've found some comments here about using a hook on post-push (or
something like that) but they were more geared towards using a linux
box... I'm wondering how I can do the same if I have different OS
platforms or does it matter?

Thanks and I appreciate any help you can offer!

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