> Can you point to where the too many files issue has been discussed?
> -Brett.

Hi , thank you for your reply.
We are now Perforce/ClearCase users. In Perforce/ClearCase, we try to
avoid to put too many files in a single P4root/CCvob,this is to avoid
the database grow too large and cause the performance issue.
So if we have more and more files in the future ( assume 1000k
files ) , don't we need to split them into several repositories ?

Besides, is there any one ever discuss the Git server ( we use
gitolite) and storage spec sizing. What level of server and storage
( DAS,NFS or SAN ) should be choosed?
Please note that we have not only few users, we have around 500
developers. From our Perforce/ClearCase experiences, we suffer the
performance issues many times and we are trying to avoid it occurr if
we switch to Git.

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