Hi folks,

it's a few days I'm "playing around with Git" to understand all of its
(too many ;) features and capability, and I would like to check with
you if what I thought, could really work out.

We're a group of people working on a single web project (with Zend
Studio/Eclipse), so each one of us has its own local copy of the code,
then we have a test server, and a production server (production
servers are automatically updated among each other, so I need to
update only one of them)

I believe I read thousands of documents about Git (including the
O'Reilly book) but I guess I looked in the wrong places, or there's
something I simply don't get.

I know Git is incredible for developing code that ends up in packages,
I've worked on GitHub on some Open Source projects and I loved it. But
can Git work also on projects that don't need to be targzipped? Can
Git be used to directly keep up to date servers?

I was thinking about

1) Git on each developers' computer, with their own repo
2) A repo on the developing server
3) A repo on the production server, writing directly on the folder the
code is in

Then each developer can force the upgrade of the developing server,
and one or two of them can force the update of the production server
once the tests are positive.

On the web I haven't found anything about this kind of solution, and
so I was wondering if there was something missing in the equation. In
your experience, such a solution could work and be efficient?

Thank you

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