I don't know if the way I set my deployment is the cause , but I  am
getting this error when trying to deploy via Capistrano
so first of all is my deployment stragtegy good or not  ?

I have 2 branches   'staging'  and 'stable'  (local & remote) from
where I deploy unto 2 sites :    staging.mydomain.com  /  www.mydomain.com

my development process is :
STEP 1:  after local tests
-  git commit -am 'tests ok'
-  git push origin master"

STEP 2: then I need to test live on the staging web server
-  git co staging
-  git merge master
-  git push origin staging
deploy branch 'staging' in staging phase

If more tests needed, I come back to STEP 1, until staging is working
as per requirements
if staging is running fine,
- git co stable
- git merge master     (should I l merge from 'staging' ?)
- git push origin stable
deploy branch 'stable' in production phase

I have no issue in STEP 1 and STEP 2, but after an initial STEP3
deployment, I get errors trying to do other production deployment

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