On Mon, 8 Aug 2011 10:36:26 +0800
Baoyin Shan <shanbao...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > >  error: packfile ./objects/pack/
> > >  pack-63e3e1673dc7d59c5ff90615fbf82f10512284e4.pack cannot be
> > > accessed missing tree 25b1d39e3736ca5a2ea9b766b549c615a8d19f84
> > >
> > > error message shows that some objects missing, but they do exist.
> > What's with these objects which cannot be accessed?
> > Do they exist?
> > If they do, do they have sensible permission modes and owner/group
> > so that they really can be accessed by Git using the permissions of
> > whatever account Git is using when running on the server?
> Yes, they do exist.These objects should commits that we pushed.
> There are errors even I login by "root" account, so I think it's not a
> problem caused by permission modes.
OK, then try to bring this problem on the main Git list
(git at vger.kernel.org) or at least on the #git IRC channel as this
situation seems to require some deep level of knowledge of the Git

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