> Can you fetch, or are both fetch and pull failing?
> It looks, to an eye that's never seen a smart HTTP transaction before,
> that git's attempting to establish a smart http connection (the GET
> requests with the service parameter), then not liking what it's got
> back and attempting standard DAV.
> Also, there are no requests to /git/, which is what your scriptalias
> is set to, so the git-http-backend shouldn't be being called at any
> rate.
> Looking at the Examples section of man git-http-backend, it looks like
> you should have set your remote url to http://localhost/git/foo.git,
> not http://localhost/foo.git. Does that help?
> Also check the apache error file, if it's separate.
> Antony

Also, if you want a quick response, try the main git mailing list
(g...@vger.kernel.org) or the IRC channel (irc.freenode.net #git).


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