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    A questions about branches and workflow...

On 26/08/2011 10:36, Vineet Naik wrote:
I am not a git expert but I would reset the doSomething branch  (
without  --hard ) to the commit when the code was uploaded to the
server. Then stash the changes and merge the doSomething into master
branch. Then create a new bugfix branch from master.

After fixing the bugs and commiting in bugfixes branch, checkout
doSomething and apply the stashed changes.

Later also merge bugfixes into master.

Here is a nice branching model to follow in future

Thanks for the reply. It's not really bugfixes that's the issue, it's how to handle overlapping development of two features. Feature 1 is being tested by the customer; I need to start work on Feature 2. But where to begin the Feature 2 branch?

What I've realised today is that it's quite possible that Feature 2 (much simpler) could be tested and deployed long before Feature 1 - IOW overtake it. I can't risk any of the unfinished code from Feature 1 going on the production server, so I have to start Feature 2 from the current master, as deployed, even if that means having to pull out some work which is on the Feature 1 branch.

I suppose I should not have allowed so much work to build up on the Feature 1 branch.

I've saw the nvie model some time ago and found it very useful in establishing a workflow. It's just this overlapping it doesn't seem to address.


Roddie Grant

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