Hi all,

I've been a happy git-svn user for about 9 months but today I got into
a big mess.  My company's svn repo is a terribly ugly cesspool of
projects, so I made a directory where I was going to keep branches of
my project:


In my .git/config I've got:

[svn-remote "svn"]
        url = https://...
        fetch = trunk/myProject:refs/remotes/trunk
        branches = branches/myProject/*:refs/remotes/branches/*

Now three ugly things happened today.  Somebody mistakenly copied a
branch of our server code into the myProject directory.


It turns out that "myProject" wasn't specific enough, so we decided to
rename the folders:


And while I was on a roll I decided to do something really stupid and
further rename my project's branches:


This was all done in svn, and when I went back to git I realized I had
no idea how to fix things up in git-svn.  After much misery I finally
decided to start fresh with a new git-svn checkout.  But now when I
'git svn fetch' it starts pulling down the full, enormously long
history of server-branch.  I've tried various permutations of ignore-
paths in the config file but I just can't get it to ignore that path.
(Perhaps it won't ignore a path at the top level of a branches

Can anyone help me untangle this mess and get a checkout without the
full history of server-branch?


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