Hi and thx for the reply, actually I'am reading the docs and
investigating ... so up now there is no harm.

But your solution I already knew. What I asked for was "... without
knowing its name ..." and without discarding local modified files i.e.
an equivalent to "cvs update".


On Sep 6, 12:14 pm, Konstantin Khomoutov
<flatw...@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Sep 2011 02:44:18 -0700 (PDT)
> tombert <tomb...@live.at> wrote:
> > I perform some changes in several files, then I delete two files
> > because I want to discard those changes.
> > rm myfile1.txt
> > rm myfile2.txt
> > Is there a way of bringing back those files with knowing its name?
> > I could use "git checkout ." but this would discard changes in the
> > other files ...
> git checkout -- myfile1.txt myfile2.txt
> Actually, this is what Git tells you do do when you run `git status`
> so pay close attention to this output.
> Note that that `git checkout` encantation is what you should have used
> in the first place instead of deleting the files.
> > I'am looking for an equivaltent of "cvs update".
> It's way better to instead start with some book on Git to have
> appropriate mindset before you devle into serious work with Git.
> It's one of those cases where knowledge of CVS might do more harm than
> good.

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