On Sep 8, 12:42 pm, Clive Crous <> wrote:

> The company I work for sent out an email this morning instructing us
> to, from now on, commit all source code changes for whatever we're
> currently working on and push (to central
> company git repository), regardless of the progress, status or state
> every half-an-hour so that they see the
> changes being made and can monitor productivity. Thoughts on this?

Tee hee! Welcome to the 18th century and the joys of piece-work!

Perhaps you should suggest that they install keyboard loggers instead
so that they could count how many keys are being pressed!

Unfortunately, it sounds like the idiot who came up with this idea
wouldn't understand a rational discussion about the logic behind this,
so I'd just go with the flow and create a script that modifies and
checks in the same file every few minutes and then bask in the glory
of being 'productive'!

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