On Tue, 13 Sep 2011 01:30:02 -0700 (PDT)
tombert <tomb...@live.at> wrote:

> Using Git Gui (1.7) to clone a project the ssh unexpectacly crashes
> with no further error information.
> Checking the ssh version supplied with Git reveals OpenSSH_4.6p1.
> The version supplied with MinSYS is 5.4p1.
> So I simply replaced Gits ssh version with the one comming with MinSYS
> - Git Gui works now as expected.

You provide exactly zero context, but I think you're talking about
"Git for Windows" (also known as msysgit) because on POSIX systems
an SSH client is usually a part of the system.

Some points (again):

 * This is just a dirty hack.  If you really want to make msysgit better
   consider patching it to fetch and build a newer OpenSSH client,
   then submit a patch (via the msysgit mailing list).
   The project is undermanned so such a patch will be welcomed, I think.
 * I would just use PuTTY and its plink.exe executable (it's a
   command-line tool loosely resembling the "ssh" command-line tool
   from OpenSSH).  It's a 100% native Windows application,
   which also conveniently supports caching of keys (via the included
   pageant program).

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