New to forum.  I think I have something unique here.
I have 2 bare repos on a remote machine.  bareFoo1 and bareFoo2
I have a clone of bareFoo1 on my local machine (as localFoo).  I
remote add(ed) bareFoo2 with:
git remote add Foo2 <URL to >/bareFoo2
Then I wanted to make a local branch that pulls directly from bareFoo2
and pushes there.
So I tried (while in the master of localFoo):
git branch --track localFoo Foo2/master.
It keeps telling me that "Foo2/master" not a valid object.

So, I had to edit the .git/config file and added:
[branch "localFoo2"]
  remote = Foo2
  merge = refs/head/master

Then I switch local branch:
git checkout localFoo2
I see that localFoo2 will push and pull from the remote Foo2.

I'm happy to manage things in a file (I'm an VIM guy) but shouldn't my
above git brach --track command work?

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