Hi guys,

I am experiencing something very weird with my Git installation. My
setup is this:

Shared Repo on GitHub.
* I have cloned this to my local computer into master
* Using the command "git branch newLogin" I have created a new branch
from main called newLogin.
* Using the command "git checkout newLogin" I switch to the new
* I make some changes on the new branch. I do not commit or add these
changes to the staging area. I have both changed existing files and
added new files.
* Using the command "git checkout master" I switch back to my master

The changes I have made in the branch newLogin are visible in my
master branch. Switching branch does nothing. I would have expected to
see a master branch that did not have these changes.

If I then add these files to the staging area in master and switch
back to newLogin, "git status" will show exactly the same in every

What am I doing wrong? Have I completely misunderstood a very basic
concept in Git? I don't remember previous versions of Git acting like

I am using Git on a Windows 7 PC.
$ git version
git version 1.7.6.msysgit.0

Thanks, JP

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