I took a file from repository1 and created a patch:
git format-patch 7de0e15055 file1 > patch

then I went into a different repository2 and called
git apply patch
which failes because the file doesn't exists. I created and empty file
and added to the index - still "git apply" doesnt apply the patch.

Then I thought to use
git am < patch
which gaves me "Dirty index: ..."

The reason I tried with "patch" is cause I want to keep the history
and thought it to be simple.
Searching in google I found some bugs close to my problem ... but in
later versions. My git is 1.7.04.

Am I doing wrong? Is it possible or simply a no-go to patch between
different repos?
Is "rebase" the way to go?

thx for your help

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