Dear All:

I am new to git and I am using linux.

I am working on my project, using git and I have made about 20
commits. All my files are at the directory mine/ Inside mine, there
is .git directory. Now, I received the tar files from my partner. He
just finished his part of work and we are working on the same set of
files. He does not use version control. I put all his files in the
parallel directory his/. I did the following:

cd his
git init
git add xxxx  //all the stuff
git commit . -m "received from partner and he has finished his part"

Ideally, I want to step by step merge my revision one, my revision
two, my revision three, etc  from mine/ into his/

It is very likely that there will be conflicts since we are touching
same files. So I want to do merging step by step. I hope to view each
revision modification before committing.

How can I do it? I have googled and studied the whole day and my brain

Thank you very, very much.

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