Alright, I agree with you. Thank you for the tip "svn patch".

May I ask you one more question just for my learning purpose? If I ask
my partner who works in a different company also use git, when he
sends me the files he modified and together with .git/ directory. I
can put all his files AND .git under partner/ directory. Then I can
have his commits one by one. Is that correct?

Thank you.

On Oct 18, 1:45 pm, Konstantin Khomoutov
<> wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Oct 2011 05:45:01 -0700 (PDT)
> www <> wrote:
> [...]> However, most--i intend to say all-- git tutotials are half-baked,
> > including some well-cited tutorials. It seems nobody has the patience
> > to write it down and show other people and just let other people--like
> > me-- to struggle and find their way out.
> I beg to differ: you faced a quite unusual situation which is unlikely
> to happen to other users--let alone those who spend their time writing
> tutorials.  And tutorials are written for people having little to none
> knowledge about the topic so they naturally tend to discuss ubiquitous
> use cases, in simple terms, and possibly referring to as little Git
> tools as possible.
> You referred to Subversion here for some reason... do you care to
> sketch how would you accomplish the same task with it (and don't forget
> that subversion grew `svn patch` command only in version 1.7 which came
> just a couple of days ago).  But OK, I think what would be really
> useful in this case is you writing a blog post with detailed
> description of your problem and the solution to it so that the next guy
> could google it (or we could send it straight to your post).

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