I'm transitioning from svn to git and I'm having a bit of a problem.
I'm using git flow and I can't bring down changes I made.

Here's what I've done. First,  I needed to get my svn sources down to
my laptop and init a git repository with them. (I don't mind losing my
svn history, really, I don't.) Step 1 was to create a git repository
on my hosting company's server using their web UI. Then I did the

$ mkdir workspace
$ cd workspace/
$ svn export https://myCompany.myGitHost.com/myCompany/MyProject/trunk
$ cd MyProject/
$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit .
$ git push g...@mycompany.mygithost.com:myCompany/MyProject-Git.git

This all seemed to work fine, giving me all the usual git stuff. Now I
want to test this. Can I bring it down again (say I was another
engineer) and can I use git flow properly?

$ cd ../..
$ mkdir test
$ cd test
$ git clone g...@mycompany.mygithost.com:myCompany/MyProject-Git.git

It all looks good. I've brought my files down to my laptop.

$ cd MyProject-Git/
$ git flow init
$ git flow feature start addFoo

I make a mod, creating a file named "foo" in my source hierachy.

$ git add .
$ git commit
$ git flow feature finish addFoo
$ git push origin develop

Ok, now lets see if we can bring this down from the remote server  .

$ cd ../..
$ mkdir test2
$ cd test2
$ git clone g...@mycompany.mygithost.com:myCompany/MyProject-Git.git
$ cd MyProject-Git/
$ git flow init

I did the last "git flow init" just to make sure I was on the develop
branch, since that was where the new file was created.

My new file "foo" is not there. Where do I go wrong?

I appreciate any advice, I feel so close to having it!

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