I take it you are talking about the "central" repository where developers 
will be pushing in changes, and then have them being built and tested by 
the build process.

Note that the build box will need to have non-bare repository (with a 
working tree) to work, while the central repository will have to be a bare 
one. (google 
 you don't understand the difference, or read the docs of git clone). 
Typical build-systems (like Jenkins and Hudson) will automatically clone 
and create local non-bare repositories when you configure them with a url 
to the central repository.

There's no convention that I'm aware of. Strictly speaking, it doesn't 
matter. On Linux I've put central repositories under /var/git - and then 
linked to this directory via /git and the home-directory of a user "git" ( 

Maybe you could just put it in c:\git-repos..

You could put it in the home-directory of a user called "git", but then it 
would end up in c:\Documents and settings\... right? It's probably better 
to avoid directories with spaces in it.

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