The fix is to do:

$ git submodule init
Submodule 'RestKit' (git:// registered
for path 'RestKit'
$ git submodule update
Cloning into RestKit...

On Nov 15, 2:55 pm, John Green <> wrote:
> I having a problem with my RestKit git submodule. I have a project that is
> under git control at a commercial git host. I've been having problems
> getting the XCode4 projects working and I just got that working. As a test
> I went to a brand new directory and got my source from my remote repository.
> All of my source came down, but the RestKit submodule (which I added to my
> tree with 'git submodule add git://') was not
> there. That makes sense actually, since it is hosted at github, not on my
> server.
>  $ ls
> ReadMe  RestKit apps    doc
> $ git submodule status
> -f5bfff4b803675a22278a03928b5e829dbc1b4ab RestKit
> So I played with git help and it seems that the update command is what I
> need to bring the RestKit code down. So I tried it.
> $ git submodule update
> $ ls RestKit/
> $
> Notice that I already have a RestKit directory. I'm guessing that this was
> checked in as part of my project, or maybe that is just there because the
> submodule created it. (I suspect the former.)
> How do I get the RestKit code? The submodule add was clearly not correct.
> $ git submodule add git://
> 'RestKit' already exists in the index
> Thanks, I appreciate all help, I'm new to git (and RestKit) and the
> learning curve has been steep.

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