On Fri, 18 Nov 2011 12:20:03 -0800
PJ Weisberg <p...@irregularexpressions.net> wrote:

> >> I'm looking for something in Git analogous to the revision numbers
> >> in Subversion.  Pretty much exactly what you get from `git
> >> describe', but I don't want it to be dependent on any tags or
> >> refs.  Is there any way to get something like that out of Git?
> > git rev-parse HEAD
> a019c73ec854f45119c6e907571c04ac7f6b8885
> 7718a7ec90a8fa78334254ddbf9d0d9d82f7d31d
> 7f785f315845907e926cddb8aa4b831b4348e19b
> e1e448fd7f24eccc8eac8bc533a9edd04fa966dc
> Which of these is most recent?
> The more I think about it, though, the more I think I could probably
> get away with using a timestamp for what I had in mind.
I'm curious about what do you have in mind; could you please explain?

This is interesting, because the property of revision identifiers in
Subversion being ordered in time is a by-product of them being
implemented as an ever-increasing per-repository integer number.
Instead, in DVCS systems, each commit (think of revision) explicitly
links to its parent commit(s) and so tools like `git log` or `gitk`
have no problems of ordering the commits "along the time axis".
Hence it appears you might be solving a problem which does not really

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