On Dec 2, 9:05 am, Rustom Mody <rustompm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I guess its related (or not dunno) how to grok 3 way merge?

I set merge.conflictstyle to 'diff3' so that a conflict produces the
following layout (as outlined in git help config):

<<<<< COMMIT1
   content as in COMMIT1
   original content from common ancestor
   content as in COMMIT2
>>>>> COMMIT2

Here you're given 3 choices: the original content from common ancestor
of COMMIT1 and COMMIT2, and contents introduced by COMMIT1 and 2
respectively. What you're expected to do is to replace lines between
<<<< and >>>> with whatever content you think is appropriate. In some
cases the resolution is trivial in that you choose content from either
of 3 commits and delete the reset. In other cases it's a mix from all



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