The intention of bisect is to get the first bad commit. From the docs:

"Eventually there will be no more revisions left to bisect, and you will 
have been left with the first bad kernel revision in "refs/bisect/bad"."

So git bisect run ending up with a commit which is "good" doesn't make 

If you manually run the test/script again, after running git bisect run - 
is the result actually positive (returncode is 0)?

Can you try manually bisecting and see if you end up with the same results?

If all else fails, try re-creating the problem in a little dummy project, 
which you can share with us (put on github or something).

A small note: If the test (by way of error in the test script, or wrongly 
specified revision range) always is positive, you will also get some 
confusing results.

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