My aim is to add to a git tree changes in modified files and to create
a patch. I do **not**
want that the patch will contain  untracked files.
When I try "git add -A", it adds  also the untracked files, and later,
after "git commit -m "blablabla"" and
git format -n1, I see the  untracked files in the patch.

I know that I can add the name  for each untracked file in .gitignore;
in this way , the patch will not include
the untracked files; but I need a way to achieve this without adding
to .gitignore each untracked files.

So - is there a way to perform git add only on modifed files (and not
by adding each modified  file separatel by git add) ? is there a way
to list of modified files only (to use it later)?

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