On Tuesday, February 7, 2012 11:21:57 AM UTC+5:30, paymaster wrote:
> Hi 
> I'm making some kind of testing tool. 
> This tool needs what line changed information in file. 
> But I could not found that information by git command. 

There's no single command that'd give you that information. But here's how 
you can get close:

Assume COMMIT is the commit that you want to know more about. git show 
--name-status COMMIT will show you the list of files that's part of the 
commit (modified, added or deleted etc.). If FILE is modified in COMMIT, 
you could do git blame COMMIT -- FILE and grep for COMMIT in the output 
which will give you the list of lines in which the file was changed. In 

git show --abbrev-commit --diff-filter=M --name-only --pretty=oneline 
COMMIT | sed -n '2,$p' # Gives the list of modified files
git blame COMMIT -- FILE | grep COMMIT # List of lines modified

See git help blame for additional options.



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