Hi all,

we've just converted from HG to git.  Thereby, I've accidentally deleted
an empty commit that actually was the BASE of master (HG default) and a
new foobar branch.  (I did "git filter-branch --prune-empty" to prune
the empty "hg commit --close-branch" commits in order to strip old
branches from the history.  Unfortunately, the commit that started the
foobar branch was empty, too.)

Ok, so now

  $ git checkout foobar
  $ git merge master

produces gazillions of conflicts, because the BASE version used for the
3-way-merge is some years old in some cases.  (Yeah, stupid me, I know.)

One thing to note is that the foobar branch basically only worked in
some subdirectory.  So I'd like to do something like this:

Only for every file except those in src/foo/bar/baz/:

  $ git merge -s recursive -X theirs -X patience master

And for the files in src/foo/bar/baz/, I'll need to do a manual merge.

Any advice how to proceed?  (Probably, --no-commit is part of the
solution, but I'm not too sure.)


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