On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 2:40 AM, radovan bast <radovan.b...@uit.no> wrote:

> - you get backup "for free"

Could you explain this point?

I would have made that argument for SVN/CVS, really any centralized system.

In git, you're dealing with (possibly numerous) repositories on different
machines. Unless all the machines on which they're located are backed up,
you don't have backup (unless you push/pull every commit to an upstream
repository on a backed-up machine, such as github).  Using SVN, where the
SVN repository is (typically) housed on a server that is backed up, every
commit is an automatic backup. In git, it's not, unless you do a
commit+push every time you'd do a commit in SVN.

 - Godmar

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