How to specify the port that git protocol uses? What I mean:

I'm working on a cluster which blocks port 22 outgoing, which causes
git operations using git protocol to hang. E.g., if I attempt to 
`git push ...` from the cluster to a repository I own on github,
the process hangs if my `git config` has (e.g.)

but succeeds with


With one caveat: the admins also refuse to install root certificates,
so I can only perform git operations to github using https protocol
by, e.g.,

env GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true git ...

I'm trying to migrate my dev team to git, so I'd like to minimize
collective annoyance. One of the admins writes that

> port 22 (ssh) is blocked by the firewall, but you should be able to
> go out on port 443.

So I'm wondering, how to setup git users on the cluster so that
git protocol will use port=443 automagically? Should this be done
via git (e.g., using `git remote` or `git config`)? or via ssh
(e.g., using ~/.ssh/config), or some other way?

TIA, Tom Roche <>

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