Hi Thufir,

You are currently on the branch *gridBagLayout*, which I imagine is 
branched out from *master*. It therefore happens to contain all the changes 
that are in *master*.

When you type git merge gridBagLayout master, you are basically saying 
"merge the two branches together, and place the merge commit in my current 

Now since you are already *in* the branch gridBagLayout, it makes no sense 
to merge that branch into itself. It would have sufficed to say git merge 

But anyhow, it appears that there is nothing in master to merge, because 
nothing has happened in master branch after you created the gridBagLayout 
based on it. Hence the message: "Already up-to-date".

Now why Git is saying "Yeeah!" is harder to answer. This only occurs when 
doing an "octopus merge" (a merge with more than two branches being merge). 
Perhaps the authors deemed it so extraordinary (doing these merges are 
rather uncommon), that they saw it fitting to reward the user with some 
enthusiastic feedback.

Out of curiosity I now traced "Yeaah!" back to this 
- it was authored by Linus (the inventor of Git) on the 18th of May, 2005, 
just over a month after the project was started. The Git maintainers have 
probably left it in as some piece of nostalgic tribute. 

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