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> I have been having troubles accessing git at work because the traffic 
> doesn't go through the HTTP tunnel, the only connection to the outside 
> world from within the company.  I read somewhere that http over git is 
> available since version 1.7.  I have version 1.7.9 installed, but git clone 
> still fails.  
> Is git over http tunnel possible?  If yes, how?

You have to clarify what do you mean by "tunnel".
So far, I did not hear of companies which would provide access to the
Internet via "HTTP tunnels"--the common practice is to use HTTP proxies,
not tunnels.
Hence the first question: do you really mean a tunnel or a proxy?

The next thing to consider is that Git implements several network
protocols to access repositories:
* "Native", usually denoted by git:// schema in repo URLs and used for
  r/o access (fetching only).
* HTTP and HTTPS (via cURL [1]).
* SSH (being the most common).

Any given server can be accessed by a number of protocols *which were
made available by its administrators.*
Hence you have to research what protocols your remote server(s)
support(s) and which of them you can use for your purposes.

Now, I'm not sure for the native protocol and SSH, but HTTP[S] is
certainly able to go via proxies.
The other protocols can be tunneled through a proxy via an external
tools like corkscrew [2] (and this obviously raises a question about
what OS you're running which you didn't told us as well).

With this data in mind, you should be able to do your further research.

1. http://curl.haxx.se/
2. http://www.mtu.net/~engstrom/ssh-proxy.php

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