Thanks for the response. This helped a lot :)

My $PATH was looking like:

I'checked some files like : .bash_profile/.profile/.bashrc there were some 
export $PATH declarations.

/usr/bin/git --version
=> git version

/usr/local/git/bin/git --version
=> git version

First I removed the export PATH declarations. They were messing things up. 
It is kind of strange that the uninstaller of v1.7.5.4 is locating git at 
/usr/local/git and it is installed here at /usr/bin/git. I always used the 
official installer. 

Then I read somewhere else that xcode also installs git (think this should 
be the /usr/bin/git). So I'm not planning to remove this one.

So first I removed all my export PATH declarations from 
.bash_profile/.profile/.bashrc. This makes my path looks like:

Somewhat shorter. When I did 'which git' it gave me /usr/bin/git. This 
isn't the version I want. So I went back and changed my PATH to
by adding this line:
export PATH=/usr/local/git/bin:$PATH
to .bash_profile

First open a new terminal window to test "git --version" or "which git" or 
if you want to test those commandos in the same terminal type in first "source 
.bash_profile" to enable your changed in the .bash_profile file

/usr/local/git/bin (the version) will be found first ('which git' 
resulted in /usr/local/git/bin/git)

Op woensdag 9 mei 2012 11:54:59 UTC+2 schreef Robert Cabri het volgende:
> Tried to update from version to and to The 
> installer says it's installed but when requesting the version number of git 
> with CLI git tells me the version is still
> Does anybody have a fix for this?

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