I'm a bit puzzled on how to best forward-port commits from a stable branch 
("master" in this case), to my experimental branch (let's call it "exp").  
Both branches are pushed to a public repo.  Work that goes on in master 
should be forward-ported to exp (I prefer forward-porting rather than 
back-porting; that is, working on master and porting the commits to exp is 
preferable to working on exp and porting the commits back to master.)

What's the best way to deal with that?  Should I use rebase to apply the 
commits from master to exp, or should I merge them?  I tried rebase in my 
local repo (I pushed nothing to the public repo yet), but I'm not sure I 
understand what's going on :-P  Yes, I've read Scott Chacon's awesome Git 
tutorial, but it talks about rebasing local branches, that were never 
pushed to a public repo, back to master.  My case is different; both 
branches are on the public repo, while the commits made to master are not 
yet pushed anywhere, and it's with those unpushed commits where I'm not 
sure whether to merge or rebase to exp.

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