is it possible to find out, which commit of submodule is a branch I am not 
currently on pointing to?



For example, I have branch ‘master’, and branch ‘dev’. Both of them have 
submodule ‘subA’. ‘master’ branch is pointing to commit “123” of this 
submodule, and branch ‘dev’ to commit “456”.

If I am on branch ‘master’, I can find out this information by calling “git 
submodule”, which will result in:

*123** path/to/submodule/subA*


How can I found the commit for branch ‘dev’, without checking it out?


I have found out that calling this “git cat-file -t 
dev:path/to/submodule/subA” will result into:

*error: unable to find 456*

*fatal: git cat-file dev:path/to/submodule/subA: bad file*

* *

I have the information i needed (456), but I do not want to rely on an 
error message. Is the any other solution? 

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