I did a reset master branch to here and used the wrong reset type I think.

Consequeently my master branch was screwed up.

I managed to create two dev branches at different points and appropriately merge them and I now have a branch dev3 which has all the right stuff in and was at the top of the tree in gitk view

Following this I thought to merge this back into the master to make things neat and to be using master as the latest.

However the local merge of dev3 (all correct) 'into' master (messed up) (which was offered for merging) but said merging by some automatic process (I forget what called, but to do with the ordering) and then said nothing to do, all up to date.

However the master branch still has a load of stuff missing from the correct and up to date dev3 branch.

Will I just have to keep working with dev3 all the time from now on?

Please advise...

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