Because I cannot delete the binary file on the remote branch I copied the file from using 'raw' and saved it directly into the local branch and committed it.
So now the merge should see the files as identical.

However the merge still fails saying binary files differ!!

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Subject: Re: [git-users] Merge Conflict
Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 23:06:30 +0100
From: Andrew Hardy <>

one of the branches is a remote branch

I cannot find a way to delete the file on this branch
either in git / git win gui
or on where the 'actual' remote repository resides.

What do you suggest?

On 22/05/2012 19:22, Philip Oakley wrote:
> From: "Andrew Hardy" <> Sent: Tuesday, May 
> 22, 2012 6:59 PM
>> I have changed the git ignore file to ignore *.suo
>> however I had a *.suo file which will not merge from one branch to 
>> another because it is binary.
>> So i deleted it from the "merge to" branch thinking this would allow me
> You need to 'delete' it/them from both branches using 'git rm <file>', 
> and then commit that change to each branch.
> This will make it so that the merge does not see either file in their 
> respective 'last commit's.
> This highlights that it is possible to 'track' ignored files, either 
> as a continuation of a previous 'add', or by adding an otherwise 
> ignored 'file'.
>> to merge and it would just be added
>> rather than a binary merge being atempoted.
>> However now I have
>> LOCAL: delete
>> Binary files a/:l:.......  .suo and b/:3......    .suo differ
>> how do I get the merge to work.
>> I am not interested in su files any more in any way re git
>> hence putting *.suo in gitignore file
>> The rest of the merge will not go because of this.  How do I resolve 
>> this?
>> -------------------------------------------------
> Philip

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