Stafen, thank you for your reply,

Am Freitag, 25. Mai 2012 13:49:52 UTC+2 schrieb Stefan:
> [...]There simply is no way to cherry-pick commits (or rebase branches) 
> from B into A, since git has no way to know that they are even the same 
> source tree, let alone have any common history among them.

I did know about the different sha when they don't have a common history.
I was under the impression, that I could actively tell git that two trees 
are the same. But it seems I was remembering wrongly, git merge -s ours 
does the opposite of what I want: merge in all the history without changing 
files :-(

To simplify the problem a bit (forget about the submodule and changes files 
and two repositories for a moment):

Suppose, I have a repository with history on master.
Now I create a new branch "new" from nothing that includes all the same 
files as master, but no history. Just as if i created all the files now 
from scratch.

master and new have no common history, right.

But could I not merge "new" into master? There should not be any conflicts 
since all files are the same. (?)

Or if it is seen as a conflict that I want to recreate an already existing 
file (even with the very same content), I could resolve this easily, by 
just adding either version.
What am I missing here?
I might try this experiment later and see what's happening. I suspect that 
it will not work that way even though I don't really understand why ...

So, the way I see it, in your case you have but one choice, and that is to 
> move patches from B to A (and backwards, if A is indeed active itself!) and 
> applying them in the same sequence. Git also tries to make this easier for 
> you by providing things like format-patch, send-email, apply, etc.

right, applying patch-files, or even copying files over and checking them 
in again, that was my Plan B already.


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