(Have posted this question in SO already: 

I want to a file that will not be merged ever between branches, e.g. 

What I found that by using "config.php merge=ours" in the .gitattributes 
does not work as expected, but `git merge master --strategy=ours` works, 
any reason?

Command history:

mkdir git
> cd git
> git init
> echo "B" > b.txt
> git add b.txt 
> git commit -m 'Initial commit'

> echo "b.txt merge=ours" > .gitattributes
> git add .gitattributes 
> git commit -m 'Ignore b.txt'

> git checkout -b test # Create a branch
> git checkout master # Back to master and make change
> echo "Only in master" > b.txt
> git commit -a -m 'In master'
> git checkout test
> git merge master # The change in b.txt is being merged...

Any idea, or it is a bug?


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