Yes, I know organizations that have successfully migrated from Clearcase to 

I've seen a presentation about it (there's a recording online, but 
unfortunately it's in Norwegian <https://vimeo.com/28705828>). 

They basically checked out an old snapshot from Clearcase, did *git init, 
all files, and committed that as a first revision. They then checked out a 
later snapshot from Clearcase, added all changes, and committed that as a 
second revision, and so on. 

They continued this for every major milestone of their project up to the 
lastest revision of the code. 

They then continued for some time to do this manually as long as they were 
developing with Clearcase and Git in parallell. Of course, as it is a 
manual procedure, the sooner you can cut out Clearcase completely, the 

There isn't much tooling available to automate this process. There are some 
commercial tools like this 
but that is a lot of money, in my opinion.

There are also other ideas and recipes around, like this 

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