We have developed the support of a platform on top of the kernel 3.0.6 
based in our internal git server repository (got from Linux kernel source 
tree stable release 3.0.y maintained by Greg Kroah-Hartman 
tracking branch linux-3.0.y)

We have of course a lot of commits/push.

Now we would like to move to kernel 3.0.34.
If we create a global patch between head and v3.0.6 tag on our git repo, 
then apply it on top on 3.0.34 we do not have any reject so we are 
confident that we should rebase our git repo to 3.0.34.

However we do not really see how to proceed.

Basically the scheme is this one

our git repo:
v3.0.6 ---- C1 ---- C2 ------ Cn ---- head

kernel.org repo
---v3.0.6 ---- C1' ---- C2' ---- Cn ---- v3.0.7---- Cm ---- V3.0.34---head

We want to get on our repo
---v3.0.6 ---- C1' ---- C2' ---- Cn ---- v3.0.7---- Cm ---- V3.0.34 --- C1 
---- C2 ---- Cn ---- head

Could someone help us with the git command/options to use to make this 
happen ?

Thanks in advance


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