To add the LICENSE file in the root folder, it may be easier to commit the 
file to a new orphan branch (see git checkout --help) or you can checkout 
the first commit (with checkout -b) and amend it to add the LICENSE file. 
You may want to force a specific date to that commit so it appears to 
always been there. Then rebase the master branch on it.

To add the header license to every files, you can use git filter-branch. 
You have to write a rule to detect new files and add the header license. 
filter-branch is a bit hard to grasp, but if the history is long and have 
many files, it will pay off.


On Thursday, June 14, 2012 6:14:19 AM UTC-4, chrism0dwk wrote:
> Great news, thanks for the advice!
> Chris

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