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> I'm new to GIT and this group, so a "Hello" to all! :)
> GIT is installed at a Shared Hoster for versioning the Web content. :)
> But the SSH access has a CPU time limit, too, which breaks push and
> pull. :(
> Is there any way GIT can handle incremental push/pulls?
Sure it does: just push less that full history of a branch.

Say, your "master" branch has this history:

              ^ "master" ref points here

then you can just push A or master~2 then B or master~1 and so on,
like in

$ git push server master~2:master

Of course, series of commits can be longer, not just one commit, this
is just an example.

Another, completely different approach might be to use git-ftp [1]
for deploying: it's not as efficient that Git, but is able to transfer
only the files changes since the last upload (and also it takes care of
file/directory renaming/removal, when needed).  If your hoster does not
charge for using FTP, this might be a convenient escape route.

1. https://github.com/resmo/git-ftp

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