On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 7:59 PM, Vincent van Ravesteijn <v...@lyx.org> wrote:
> Op 15-6-2012 13:46, lei yang schreef:
>> Hi
>> I mean,
>> I have a commit like below
>> commit 0e93b4b304ae052ba1bc73f6d34a68556fe93429
>> Merge: b724cc1 51bfd29
>> This commit done this work: merge b724cc1..51bfd29 commit,
>> The question is how could I *onlys* through
>> 0e93b4b304ae052ba1bc73f6d34a68556fe93429 to get the formated patch for
>> the
>> commit(b724cc1..51bfd29)
> It is still not clear what you want to accomplish.
> Your proposal: "git format-patch b724cc1..51bfd29" only gives you the
> commits that were in the branch 51bfd29 that weren't yet in the branch
> b724cc1. This just reflect the commits of one of the branches, but not the
> "work done by the merge commit".

but,git format-patch b724cc1..51bfd29 do the same work as what you
said "git format-patch 0e93b4b3^1..0e93b4b3^2"
so this do the same thing, formated patch which merged, can you give a
try to explain it in your workspace. and I don't understand what you
said "branch 51bfd29",51bfd29 is not the branch

Thanks for your help,git format-patch 0e93b4b3^1..0e93b4b3^2 is what I need.


> If this is really what you want you can do:
> $ git format-patch 0e93b4b3^1..0e93b4b3^2
> 0e93b4b3^1 means the first parent of 0e93b4b3, which is b724cc1. 0e93b4b3^2
> means the second parent, which is 51bfd29
> HTH,
> Vincent

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