On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 10:03:22PM -0700, Erixcus wrote:

> I am new to Sandbox so i will appreciate your quick help..
> I know how to clone files, make changes and push them to Sandbox but i dont 
> know to preview the website in the frond end within Sandbox. Is there a 
> URL/Link which we type in the browser and preview the web pages in the 
> Sandbox?
> If NOT, what do we use to preview the changes we made?
I wonder what makes your think the subscribers of this list
readily know what this "Sandbox" thing is?
I, for one, hear about it for the first time, and this makes me think
its connection to Git is quite weak (and we discuss just Git itself
So better try to ask your question on some list/forum/whatever dedicated
to that "Sandbox" thing.

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