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Dan Hirsmuller-Counts <xpemda...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > This is one of the recent changes in Git to make it more user
> > friendly. More specifically in this point, help users avoid these
> > automatic merge messages that can sometime be a bit ugly.
> >
> > From http://git-scm.com/docs/git-pull :
> > --no-edit
> >
> > Invoke an editor before committing successful mechanical merge to
> > further edit the auto-generated merge message, so that the user can
> > explain and justify the merge. The --no-editoption can be used to
> > accept the auto-generated message (this is generally discouraged).
> > The --edit option is still useful if you are giving a draft message
> > with the -m option from the command line and want to edit it in the
> > editor.
> >
> How is it more user friendly to make the user submit a message every
> time they do a PULL? To me the merge caused by a pull is just assumed
> and I cannot think of a situation where I would modify the default
> merge message. 

Because you're not "doing pull", you're merging someone else's changes
into your changes, and this produces a state of the codebase which has
to be tested.  To put it differently, you're usually not "just pull",
you make a conscious decision to reconcile two (or more) diverging lines
of development, and this is *not* a no-brainer automated thing.
If you do not "beleive" this, read this post [1] (the "Disaster 2:
Merging Without Understanding" part, specifically) which has been
recently referred to in [2].

Please don't top-post.

1. http://www.randyfay.com/node/89
2. http://stackoverflow.com/q/11058312/720999

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