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Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen <tfn...@gmail.com> wrote:


> > From github.com:honest/www
> >    7ed59c6..279f322  develop    -> origin/develop
> >    ed1ef45..6859453  staging    -> origin/staging
> This means that two remote branches (develop and staging) had
> changes, and that your *remote* branches have been updated with these
> changes (not your local branches).

More to read on the distinction about the confusing naming of branches
can be found in [1].

> > From github.com:site/www
> >  * [new tag]         1.10rc1    -> 1.10rc1
> >  * [new tag]         1.10rc2    -> 1.10rc2
> And two new tags were discovered. 

Worth mentioning that only the tags attached to objects which are
referenced (directly or indirectly) by the head(s) being fetched (`git
pull` calls `git fetch` first) are downloaded by default.
To get all the tags from the remote one can use `git fetch --tags ...`.


1. http://www.gitguys.com/topics/tracking-branches-and-remote-tracking-branches/

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