I was curious if any git command exists to automate things by fetching a 
repo and executing a script within it. I am using git-subtree now and i am 
very much impressed with how git can be extended with such hacks to add 
custom powerful functionalities.
Most of the times when we are releasing our code, we have to publish 
installation instructions in the README file or in our blog posts. These 
instructions are usually a set of  shell commands most probably starting 
from a git clone. 
Something like 'git install http://github.com/user/repo.git' would fetch 
the repo and execute instructions from the file .gitinstall available in 
the repo. So the user doesn't need to do git clone, ./configure, make, etc.

Does something like this already exist? Would creating such git command be 
a good idea or are there better alternatives?


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