On Wednesday, June 27, 2012 7:33:54 AM UTC+5:30, jack sparrow wrote:
> i have a list of tags in a git repo, how do i checkout a branch 
> with that the tag version. I tried git branch <tag-version> 
> this doesn't seem to be working.on the otherhand if i do 
> git checkout <tag-version-number>, it is creating branch with no 
> name, but the version seems to be correct. so what is the correct 
> way of checking out a tag version under a branch.

You were close. Do either 

git checkout -b  your-branch <tag-version> # Create (from <tag-version>) 
and move to your-branch


git branch your-branch <tag-version> # This only creates a branch
git checkout your-branch # Move to that branch 


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