is there a way, how to pull/clone (somehow) only commits of one, and only 
one branch? 

For example:
1) Lets say i have 3 branches in one submodule. Master(commits 1,2,3,4) , 
Project1(commits 1,2,3,4,5) , Project2(commits 1,2,3,4,6,7,8).

2) I am starting with Project3 and wanna to get submodule Master branch 
only -> "git submodule add --only_specific_branch_commits

3) Now i will look into submodule, and "git branch -v" will show me only 
master, and as well "git branch -vr" show me only origin/master ...
And if i will try to git cherry-pick 5 on Master branch-> where 5 is commit 
of Project1 only, there wont be any entry in history or so -> so it fails

Why I am looking for something like this? 
We have cms for making Sites composed from submodules and via sumbodules we 
can easily modificate what cms can/cant. 
But always is there needed to specify one of plugins directly for that 
project and there are changes useless for another projects. 
So we made it till now via specific branch to get exactly what we need. But 
after many and many projects, the repo of the most specified 
plugins(modules) is going to be huge and it is not needed at all to get all 
commits of all projects into new one, but just the clean master branch with 
their commits.

Thanks for any help, Nedvajz. 

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