On Sunday, July 1, 2012 9:54:25 AM UTC+2, David MZ wrote:
> Hello, I want to drive a move to git in my company that is currently using 
> SVN, I was wondering if there are presentations that were already created 
> that can show the benefits of git over SVN. I would lke to win hearts of 
> stockholders and begin a moment already 60% of Dev team using git-svn in 
> the company.
> Thanks.

This is a very interesting subject. I think what would impress your 
stockholders the most would be if you can show them what are the most 
valuable benefits in *your* context. To figure that out, you look at what 
problems SVN are creating today. 

Typical problems I've seen are:

* People avoid refactoring and renaming because it always leads to conflicts
* People spend a lot of time merging 
* Svn commands like blame, update and status are unbearably slow
* Nobody cares about writing good commit messages (because you can't really 
keep any order in svn log anyway)

Once you have gathered the problems your team has with using SVN, it's nice 
to perform some benchmarks to show off how fast Git is compared to 
Subversion on those typical day-to-day tasks you have regarding source 
control. Similar to this one:


(but you're better off using your own benchmarks rather than relying on 
some created for someone else's code)

In the end, you could for example say "For the average team member, using 
Git instead of SVN would save two hours of work every week. For the whole 
team, that means 15.000$ every month!". Stakeholders tend to care more once 
they see problems that actually waste a lot of money.

You say at a moment 60% of the Dev team are using git-svn. Is this already 
the case, or is that the moment when you want to move from SVN to Git in 
the future?

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