On Jul 3, 2:16 pm, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen <tfn...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Some things you can try:
> >    - Do regular work on a 
> > RAM-disk<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAM_drive>(if you have the memory to 
> > spare), but you must remember to always push to
> >    a proper disk before restarting your computer
> >    - Invest in a solid-state-drive <http://lifehacker.com/ssd/>, as these
> >    tend to speed up Git repository operations significantly
> >    - Split your repository into several smaller ones

ok i'm going nuts, every operation is taking at least 2-3 min.
i just tried git commit, it took around 2.5 mins. I understand
this is because of the huge number of files in the repo. But
my work is only limited to a subset of directories, is there scope
for optimization here, can i tell git that look for changes only
in thesee directories and don't worry about the rest.

> Oh, and run on an unencrypted disk if possible.

The file system is on NFS, i am not sure if it is
encrypted, as it is from my organisation i don't have
the means to change any of that.

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